We are a team of passionate musicians and producers who believe in the potential of every idea, every sound and every song: play it for us, we'll record it for you. We can also create all the music for your film, multimedia project or advert.We offer bespoke production solutions and we pride ourselves in making every project as personal as it needs to be: from taking care of your next album, soundtrack or single to mentoring through arranging, editing, mixing and songwriting techniques. We specialise in pop, rock, funk, soul, music for film and advertising and have expertise in very specific styles such as flamenco and music for children. Contact us now to help make your dream project a reality!


Luis Cano and David Torrico are both experienced and award winning performers, songwriters and producers that have worked with and for many acts around the world. Luis Cano graduated as Classical Pianist at CONSMUPA Conservatory of Music and as Music Teacher at the UAM University in Spain. Luis also holds a Diploma as  Music Performer and Producer by the London Centre of Contemporary Music and is now based in the UK where he has developed his career as freelance multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer working with the best musicians in the field with a special talent for soul and funk creating the most addictive grooves. David Torrico is also a Music Teacher, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer with also a major degree in Contemporary Music by the prestigious Creative School of Music in Madrid who has also specialised in flamenco and traditional music form around the world making him a musician in constant demand in Spain where he is based.